Making a Difference

unset-chaserMy teaching focus as media specialist is usually on student creations of a digital or physical nature. As part of my preparation for MACUL17, I have been focusing on creation of a different sort. How do we create digital citizens how can leave a positive footprint? In the past, much of the teaching about digital citizenship has revolved around what students should not do. It is time to move toward a positive digital culture of kindness and contribution.

The inspiration for my new focus is Angela Maier’s Choose2Matter campaign

As a teacher, my job is to engage the next generation to solve problems that have not even been invented yet. In order to do this, students must believe that they matter and they hold the power to change the world. It is not enough just to stay out of trouble. Students must start building the future now. This starts with becoming a contributor to their schools and communities, both physical and digital. We must eliminate the “children as victims” focus of so much teaching about digital citizenship and focus on empowering students to believe that they can be digital change makers. A kinder, brighter future rests on the choices we make today in speaking to our children. Are we raising people who have the confidence and the willingness to make a difference?

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