The Power of Yet

The idea for this week’s post began when I was talking to some friends, who are also well past twenty about my desire to strengthen my swimming skills. I was a reasonably decent swimmer as a teen, but I do not love water and I have lived in cold places for the majority of my … More The Power of Yet

Career Day Plan

A new book in the Yasmin series came out recently called Yasmin the Doctor. Yasmin is one of my favorite characters because she is willing to try all sorts of things. She has already been a zookeeper, a librarian, a fashion designer, a builder, and many other things. She is the perfect role model for … More Career Day Plan


I never want to be the tone-deaf person that does not hear the heart-cry of students or of anyone for that matter. Two books I used this week with my second-grade students helped me and my students to consider what it means to truly listen to another person. The first book we read is called … More Listen

How Will We Restart?

This is the million dollar question right now. How will we give students hands-on real-life learning experiences if we have to stay 6 feet apart and sanitize everything before anyone else touches it? Or even more difficult, how will deliver making and inventing in an online school day? As you can see, social distancing is … More How Will We Restart?

Dynamic Learning

In my quest to make sure the learning doesn’t stop for my student when the school doors close for the summer, this post about Dynamic Learning from Kasey Bell was just the push I needed. Because I use Google Classroom consistently throughout the school year, my students often add to or update things they have made … More Dynamic Learning