Finishing Strong

Do you need encouragement? Try a little Kid President. I don’t care how old, how tired or how much stress you are experiencing, it is not O.K. to be boring. I will admit, this school year has been long. The circumstances are not getting easier in my district and I would hazard a guess that … More Finishing Strong

What is Digital Citizenship?

I am looking for input as I prepare for MACUL 2017 about what people think digital citizenship mean in our current collective environment. Is it just about safety? Does it include introducing the concept of collaborative work in a digital environment? Does it presuppose a certain set of norms? I would like you input.

Tools for Test Prep

I really dislike having to spend my valuable class time preparing students for standardized tests. Most of the time, it just sucks the joy from the room. I have found a few tools that make it somewhat less painful. One of my favorites for making test prep less painful is Prodigy Game. Prodigy really does … More Tools for Test Prep

Making a Difference

My teaching focus as media specialist is usually on student creations of a digital or physical nature. As part of my preparation for MACUL17, I have been focusing on creation of a different sort. How do we create digital citizens how can leave a positive footprint? In the past, much of the teaching about digital … More Making a Difference

Hour of Code Options for Elementary Students Of course, Code Studio level 1 is the easiest way to introduce kindergarten and first-grade students to code. I love it, but during Computer Science Education Week, it often has performance issues because of the huge amount of traffic that is generated. While it is wonderful, I always have a fallback plan in case it goes down … More Hour of Code Options for Elementary Students