Smart Tech Tools for the New Year Don’t Have to Be New

This morning as I listened to the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast with two of my favorite teacher encouragers, Vicki Davis and Steve Dembo, it finally sunk into my thick head that sometimes the best tool to jumpstart a lesson isn’t a new tool at all. I must admit that my tried and true tools for looking at old … More Smart Tech Tools for the New Year Don’t Have to Be New

What Do Coding, Reading, and Writing Have to Do With Each Other?

As a school media specialist who teaches technology not only to students but also to teachers and administrators, Hour of Code is my thing. I have been leading the charge for coding in my building and my district for many years. However, in this environment of high pressure, high-cost testing, I am beginning to get … More What Do Coding, Reading, and Writing Have to Do With Each Other?

The Power of Pictures

While searching for ideas to help my third-grade students write longer and with more detail, I came across the idea of making storyboards. Many of my students are English language learners and struggle to string together more than a couple sentences. I have a 45-minute makerspace session with each third-grade class that allows me to … More The Power of Pictures

Student Voice

This year I returned to the middle school media center after several years at the elementary level. The students at this middle school were, for the most part, my students earlier at the elementary school. Unfortunately, the middle school had not had a professional librarian in some years. Secretaries and subs had filled the gap, … More Student Voice

Why Makerspace Isn’t “Just Another Thing”

Makerspace is a current buzzword, it’s true, but making itself is not a fad. Human’s ability to work with their hands and make things has been a defining characteristic. The modern makerspace is actually a return to the sanity of Piaget and John Dewey after several decades of spreadsheet driven insanity. People who sit in offices … More Why Makerspace Isn’t “Just Another Thing”

Fun Back to School Give Aways

First, those who preorder the Reading People Book before September 19 get a free audio book and access to Ann Bogel’s “What’s Your Reading Personality” class, appropriate for sharing with secondary students to help them find their reading groove.   Second, U.S. School Supply is giving away a gross of free pencils plus 20% … More Fun Back to School Give Aways

Reading People Book

I am extremely excited to be part of the Reading People Book Launch Team. It is such a privilege to get a peek behind the curtain into the book publishing world. I did not even know that services such as, which allows authors to invite people to read the galleys of their books, even existed. … More Reading People Book