Career Day Plan

A new book in the Yasmin series came out recently called Yasmin the Doctor. Yasmin is one of my favorite characters because she is willing to try all sorts of things. She has already been a zookeeper, a librarian, a fashion designer, a builder, and many other things. She is the perfect role model for the K-2 STEAM classroom because she is very curious and constantly trying new things that don’t always work out exactly as planned. Isn’t that exactly what we want our students to do in a STEAM project?

The second reason I adore Yasmin is that many first graders and most second graders can read these books independently. This is a great series to get kids hooked on early chapter books that will help them develop a habit of independent reading. These books are also great for the challenge that is career day in early elementary grades. Yasmin is a child, not some know-it-all adult. She can help kids picture themselves in different roles and see what success might look like.

Some of the activities I use with the Yasmin books are:

  • build your future with Lego
  • make a model of yourself working as a grown-up using play-doh or clay
  • make a time machine out of loose parts and draw or build your future self.

I hope you will introduce your kids to Yasmin and all the fabulous ideas she can generate.

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