Moon’s Ramadan

Millions of people around the world are celebrating Ramadan right now. This holiday, which depends on the phases of the moon for its date each year is the centerpiece of Moon’s Ramdan by Natasha Khan Kazi about the moon and the way its phases are seen equally around the world. Each page of the story … More Moon’s Ramadan

Rooftop Garden

March is finally here! For those of us in the northern United States, hope is in sight. We have braved the long winter, and while there is still snow on the ground, in March my thoughts turn to the preparation of our school garden for planting. The book Rooftop Garden by Danna Smith is a … More Rooftop Garden


Lift by Minh LĂȘ and Dan Santat is my favorite kind of book to read to students. First of all, it is both large and gorgeous, which means kids will look at it even if there is no document camera to show the page. (Don’t get me started on my love/hate relationship with document cameras.) … More Lift

The Power of Yet

The idea for this week’s post began when I was talking to some friends, who are also well past twenty about my desire to strengthen my swimming skills. I was a reasonably decent swimmer as a teen, but I do not love water and I have lived in cold places for the majority of my … More The Power of Yet

Career Day Plan

A new book in the Yasmin series came out recently called Yasmin the Doctor. Yasmin is one of my favorite characters because she is willing to try all sorts of things. She has already been a zookeeper, a librarian, a fashion designer, a builder, and many other things. She is the perfect role model for … More Career Day Plan